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Voices on the Border – Introduction

Welcome to the Voices on the Border (Voices) blog we’ve titled “Voices from El Salvador.”

Voices is a non-profit, grassroots network of individuals and organizations promoting just and equitable development in the departments of Usulután and Morazán in El Salvador.

We’re launching this blog on July 3, 2008; our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information about our activities and our partner communities in El Salvador and the U.S. In doing so, we will put local issues into context by highlighting and analyzing regional, national, and international development and social justice issues.

A little about Voices

We began our work in 1987 as a project of accompaniment with over 10,000 Salvadoran refugees in Colomoncagua, Honduras and in other refugee camps. In 1989 and 1990, Voices accompanied these refugees as they returned to El Salvador. Upon their return, many refugees founded Comunidad Segundo Montes, in the northern department of Morazán, while others moved to the Lower Lempa region of Usulután.

We have continued accompanying our Salvadoran partners for over twenty years, responding to their needs and priorities, facilitating partnerships with U.S. communities and other international organizations, advocating for justice and equality, and informing U.S. citizens of the realities in El Salvador. At any given time, we are engaged in a number of activities, including:

  1. Grant making
  2. Community organizing
  3. Leading delegations to Salvador
  4. Initiating and supporting development projects and activities
  5. Advocating for social, economic and political justice
  6. Other activities that further the social justice and development interests of our partners

Voices strength is in our small staff, active board, and network of individuals, organizations, and communities that partner in our activities and support our programs. As we have for over twenty years, we continue to draw our energy and inspiration from our local partners in El Salvador, who face challenges and struggles with grace, humility, and determination.

If you’re interested in more information about Voices and the work we do, please visit our website – www.votb.org. I also welcome you to write us at voices@votb.org or call our Washington D.C. office (202) 529-2912.

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