New Federal Prosecuter moves to end Impunity in ANDA case


The ex-manager of ANDA, José Mario Orellana Andrade, was arrested last night – five years after confessing to money laundering during his time with ANDA, El Salvador’s national water company.
Orellana worked under ANDA’s president Carlos Perla, who was sentenced to seven years in jail in 2007. He served as a key witness in Perla’s case and sought immunity through his testimony. Nevertheless, the courts ordered his capture in 2007; an order Federal Prosecutor Felix Saphie refused to carry out.
Now, the recently appointed Federal Prosecutor Astor Escalante ordered the recapture of Orellana for laundering over $1 million dollars during his time with ANDA. Although Escalante stated that Orellana is not up for corruption charges (just money laundering), this is an important gesture of the Funes administration to combat impunity in the Salvadoran legal system.


1 thought on “New Federal Prosecuter moves to end Impunity in ANDA case”

  1. Interesting post. Let’s hope and pray that the scales of justice will eventually return to a sense of balance and equality for all.

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