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El Plan Nacional de Educación 2021 Will Continue with New Administration


New Education minister Sánchez Cerén made it clear recently that El Plan Nacional de Educación 2021 will continue under the new administration. The program, started under former President Tony Saca, has the goal of improving the public education system and achieving universal primary and secondary education in El Salvador. On June 15, during a television interview the minister said that he was ready to initiate institutional reforms that would put a focus on the “economic development of the country.” 
Through its initiatives, the ministry of Education (MINED) hopes to provide adequate space, healthy lunches for children, and better salaries for teachers.  Cerén plans to continue and expand this program in the coming years. MINED has estimated that in order to repair and rebuild infrastructure in the public school system, it will cost $150 million. Luis Mario López, a representative of the public schools teacher union, announced recently that Cerén promised that teachers would be receiving bonuses within the next month of about $146 for each teacher. 
El Diario de Hoy reported that some ARENA politicians interpret Cerén’s comments about creating a new model of education to mean that the curriculum would include political doctrines. Some have even expressed their fears that this meant socialist doctrine similar to the educational curriculum used in Cuba.
Vice-President Cerén has stated that he will dedicate most of his time to MINED, and that he will focus most of his duties as Vice President on regional integration, for which he has a well-trained staff.
photo from La Prensa Grafica 

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