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ARENA and FMLN Agree to Create Transparency Law

ARENA and FMLN members of the Legislative Assembly have pledged to create a law to protect transparency and flow of information to citizens.

A recent article in El Faro reports that the two main parties will be working together with the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES) and the Iberoamerican Institute of Constitutional Law. These institutions have recently created a proposal that would facilitate the flow of information from the state to the public.

Both parties have stated their commitment to passing a law that would provide this type of transparency, and both say that they hope to get this moving quickly. However, at this time, there is no timeframe on when it will be completed.

This initiative follows recent reports that the Funes administration has found evidence of fraud and corruption in several institutions during the previous administration, most notably in the Centro Nacional de Registro (CNR). The president also recently announced that he plans to implement an austerity plan aimed at cutting unnecessary spending among public institutions.


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