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Government Launches Comunidades Solidarias Rurales in Verapaz

Bonos Verzapaz

Yesterday, President Funes and members of his administration delivered the first round of bonuses for healthcare and education from the Comunidades Solidarias Rurales program, the successor to former President Saca’s Red Solidaria.
The first town to receive bonuses was Verapaz in the department of San Vicente. Among the 68 poorest areas in the country determined by the government, Verapaz is number 62.
In Verapaz, 804 families were given bonuses, totaling $26,720. There are a few different types of bonuses that families received with the amount varying depending on the number of children and their ages in the families.
Héctor Silva, president of the Social Investment Fund for Local Development (FISDL), and President Funes stressed that although there are similarities in the previous government’s program, Red Solidaria, there are differences in the Communidades Solidarias Rurales program.
In in article in La Prensa Grafica, it was explained that this program will also be aimed at “social and productive infrastructure” and “closing the gap of basic services” like electricity and running water, along with the goals of education and health services.
In the following months, more towns will be supported by the program, and by November, at least 9,000 beneficiaries will have received bonuses.


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