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Two Salvadoran Women Among 12 Immigrants Held Hostage in Texas

Two Salvadoran women were among the twelve immigrants held captive in Brownsville, Texas by armed men. The men, whose identities have not been released at this time, reportedly held the captives and demanded that their relatives pay them money for their release. Three men have been arrested.

The ten other victims were men from Mexico, also immigrating to the United States. El Diario de Hoy reported that police were alerted of the hostage situation when one of the captives escaped and called the police from a nearby house.

The victims told the police that they had been kept at a house near the Mexican border for four days against their will. They said they were hungry and thirsty and had swollen knees from kneeling for long hours in a room.

The 12 victims have been handed over to the U.S. Border Patrol for processing. This is not an isolated case.  Immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexican border face extreme peril, whether it be the climate of the southwest, the gangs that control the region, abuse those who they have paid to ensure their safe passage, or others they meet along the way.


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