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ISSS Security Contract Fraud, Cost of $3.6 Million to “Ghost” Employees

The director of the Salvadoran Insitution of Social Security (ISSS), Óscar Kattán announced yesterday that the institution is investigating at least 230 “ghost” employees that ISSS has been paying salary for through the ISSS’s contract with the security business, SERCONSE. 
These “ghost” employees were part of the private security division, but while the contract calls for 715 guards, only 485 employees were actually working.
isss director
Kattán confirmed that $100,000 has been paid monthly to SERCONSE for the last three years that the contract has been in place. This has resulted in a total of $3.6 million paid for a service that does not exist.
 “These are outrageous and alarming rates, when we understand the needs that the patients and workers of ISSS have,” commented Kattán. 
The Funes administration has also created a commission of lawyers and experts to investigate fraud and corruption in all the government institutions. The president plans to use these recommendations to eliminate corruption and move forward with new policies and practices.

photo from La Prensa Grafica

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