Local population Speaks Out Against El Chaparral

Citizens of San Antonio del Mosco, San Luis de La Reina, and Sesori participated in protests on Wednesday, July 22, against the construction of El Chaparral dam in the department of San Miguel, demanding that President Funes end the construction project. About 200 people were involved in the protests during the visit of Óscar Luna, the Human Rights Ombudsman for the area.

Luna, who has agreed to act as a mediator between the local population and the national government, said that “The offices of the Ombudsman are open to the two parties meeting and looking for a solution to the problem.”

The local population has questioned President Funes in his commitment to the people. Funes has thus far not called for the halting of the construction of the dam, whose construction began under former President Tony Saca. He has been criticized for the campaign support he received from Nicolás Salume, president of the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL).

We previously posted an article on the El Chaparral dam project in May on this site. The project, which is being financed by a $163 million loan from the Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica (BCIE) and $56 million from the Salvadoran government, has been extremely controversial because of the destruction of current communities that will be caused by flooding.


photo from La Prensa Grafica   (July 8 street blocks)

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