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Radio Station Receives Threats After Recent Coverage of the Death of Activist Marcelo Rivera

Radio Victoria in the department of Cabañas has received a series of death threats to three of its reporters following their coverage of the death of social activist, Marcelo Rivera. The reporters have shared the threats with the Ombudsman of Human Rights, Oscar Luna, who has expressed his concern about the issue.

 Director of Radio Victoria, Oscar Beltrán, admits that while the radio station has received various threats since its first broadcasts in 2006, there has been an intensification and increase of threats since the coverage of Marcelo Rivera’s death by reporters José Alexander Beltrán Castillo, Ludwig Franklin Iraheta, and Vladimir Abarca. 

The death of Marcelo Rivera has generated much controversy recently as civic society organizations, personal friends, and family accuse the police of not investigating fully or covering up the true story of his murder. According to officials, Rivera was a victim of gang violence, but those close to Rivera and his admirers say that his death was political and related to his activism against mining and social injustice.

The activist was a well-known social figure as a member of the Departmental Board of Directors of the FMLN, Director of the Casa de la Cultura, and Legal Representative of the Association of Friends of San Isidro Cabañas (ASIC). In January of 2009, Rivera was a head opposition leader in the denunciation of local election results in San Isidro, claiming fraud and corruption. He was also highly involved in the resistance to Pacific Rim’s mining projects.

We have previously posted articles on Marcelo Rivera’s controversial murder, and at this time, the public does not see this as a closed case. Many organizations, family members, and friends have called for a full investigation into his death and refuse to accept that he was a victim of gang violence.


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