Public Health

408 New Cases of Dengue in El Salvador

The Ministry of Health reports that last week 408 people were admitted to hospitals and diagnosed with Dengue. Two of these patients were in serious condition and admitted to the ICU. Yesterday, the Vice Minister of Health announced that the Ministry is currently concentrating more resources on preventing new cases and limiting the complications in current cases.

Though the number of cases in the western region of El Salvador is higher, the overall numbers in the rest of the country have begun to decrease in what has been a difficult year so far.

Past prevention efforts have achieved relatively high levels of success, leading public health officials in El Salvador to conclude that it is possible to defeat dengue outside of the hospital. Preventative steps include eliminating all standing water, thereby depriving mosquitoes a place to breed, and treating water storage containers so that mosquito larvae are unable to survive. Public health officials consider an increase in the incidences of dengue as an indication that they are failing to implement their community interventions appropriately.


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