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Wind Power in El Salvador

The Spanish organization Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos (REVE) is reporting that the Hydroelectric Commission of the Rio Lempa (CEL) signed an agreement with the Spanish firm “Ibérica de Estudios e Ingeniería” (IBERINSA). The article states that:  

They will carry out feasibility studies for the construction of two wind farms. The agreement includes the donation of U$S 397,000 by the Spanish government.

For 15 months it will be conducted the wind measurement in the municipalities Metapan and San Isidro, in the west of the country. It is estimated 10 MW of generating potential for each wind farm. As reported by the representative of IBERINSA, if approved its construction, the wind farms could begin to generate clean energy in about two years.

The executive of the CEL, emphasized that the study will begin in a time when electricity demand in the country is very close to the offer and that the project is part of ongoing efforts for energy production with the use of renewable energy.

El Salvador, one of the most populous countries of Central America, has a maximum demand of 860 MW, with a generating capacity of 1,250 MW.

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