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Human Rights Attorney Oscar Luna threatened by “Anti-Delinquency Group”

Oscar Luna, attorney for the Defense of Human Rights, announced Wednesday that he has received two death threats from an unknown party described only as an “anti-delinquency group.”

The threats occurred via telephone on January 8th and 19th, 2010. The caller informed Mr. Luna that if he did not leave the country within 48 hours that the group would undertake actions of “social cleansing and extermination against delinquents.” The caller also stated that the group had gained the support of an employee inside the attorney’s office.

Luna suspects that these threats may be a result of his public pronouncements, many of which focus on public security and control of the armed forces. Recently, Mr. Luna has also spoken out against the proposed expansion of mining in El Salvador. This issue has been historically controversial, and has recently been brought to the forefront of national and international news after the assassinations of three civic activists in Cabañas. Currently it has not been confirmed that the threats targeted at Mr. Luna are related to those assassinations.

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