International Response to the Assassinations in Cabañas

Recently, the newspaper Diaro Co Latino published an article describing the international response to the killings in Cabañas. Here is an English translation:

International organizations demand thorough investigations in mining case

Beatriz Menjívar
Diario Co Latino

International human rights, environmental, religious and labor organizations sent a letter directed at authorities such as the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) demanding an impartial and thorough investigation. More than 140 organization signatories demand “rapid justice” from the FGR and the President of the Republic for the material and intellectual authors of the crimes against environmentalists Marcelo Rivera, Ramiro Rivera and Dora Alicia Sorto, who was 8 months pregnant.

Emily Carpenter, National Director of U.S./El Salvador Sister Cities affirmed that until now “the prosecuting attorney of the case, Rodolfo Delgado, has been incapable of defending the rights of the victims” which why they ask that they accept the complaint filed by the legal team of the National Round Table Against Mineral Mining. The letter underlined the importance of “investigating the criminal and civil responsibility” of the mining company, Pacific Rim, who in the judgment of the international organizations “is accustomed to bringing conflict to communities.”

The letter was sent to authorities and members of the Ombudsman for the Defense of Human Rights, the National Civil Police, the Minister of Environment, emphasizing the worry expressed by the United States Congressman, James McGovern, over the impunity in the case of Marcelo Rivera.

For the full text in Spanish see the original post here.


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