Renewable Energy in El Salvador

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) partnered with the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America (EEP) and the National Energy Council (CNE) to develop and implement rules and procedures governing and promoting the use of renewable energy in El Salvador.  The government has commissioned various specialists to study renewable energy laws from all over the world and to decide how to apply them to El Salvador.  Luis Reyes, executive secretary of the CNE expects that “the nation’s energy policy will be ready… and will eventually… define how to diversify the country’s energy matrix over the next 15 years.” (“Crearán plan maestro energías renovables” elsalvador.com, March 11, 2010) The long-term goal is to reduce El Salvador’s dependency on petroleum and increase the use of renewable energy sources, like wind, geothermic, ocean and solar energy.

A recent success for renewable energy in El Salvador is the inauguration on March 22 of a solar water-heating system in the “Divina Providencia” hospital.  The Alliance on Energy and Environment financed the project, which was executed by the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources.  The solar panels heat water without incurring extra costs, like electricity would.

The EEP has several pilot projects, like the solar panels at the Divina Providencia Hospital to begin implementing the use of clean, renewable energy during the next generations.  Additionally, the 2007 National Energy Policy, and the Fiscal Incentives Law for the Promotion of Renewable Energy both support the increase of renewable energy use (“La Ley sobre energía renovable en El Salvador” diariocolatino.com, June 1, 2008).


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