New Article on the Violence in Cabañas

This past February Voices on the Border led a fact-finding delegation to El Salvador to investigate the recent threats and violence in Cabañas. Though our Salvadoran partner communities are limited to a select few in Morazán and the Lower Lempa region of Jiquilisco, Usulután, we are very concerned that the attacks against activists in Cabañas and the subsequent impunity is detrimental to all civil society in El Salvador.

Voices' fact finding delegation with employees of Radio Victoria in Cabañas

Since the delegates returned from El Salvador, we have been working hard to draft a report on the delegation’s findings. What we thought would be a fairly straightforward issue has turned out to be quite complicated and required many follow-up interviews and re-writes.   We will have a final draft of the report out within the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, a couple of the delegates have recently penned excellent articles on their trip, and we want to share them with you.

Leonard Morin is a translator and interpreter who lives in New York.  Last week he published a well-researched article detailing the threats, attacks, and murders that have plagued the region since 2006 (click her for Leonard’s article).  Julia Kaminsky, who lived in Cabañas last year and joined us on the delegation, has also written a very informative article that will be published in the next few days – we will share it with you once its posted.

The attacks on civil society in El Salvador contribute to a growing culture of impunity in El Salvador, and are demonstrative of the weak rule of law and democracy. We are committed to supporting our friends in Cabañas in their efforts to participate in the democratic process and exercise their basic rights and freedoms.

Stay tuned.


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