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Prison Riots lead to Postponement of Trial

For the last 3 weeks, prisoners incarcerated in facilities throughout El Salvador have rebelled against the guards, and in a facility in Cojutepeque the inmates have taken control of the prison.  Guards have surrendered the building to the prisoners and are attempting to control the situation from posts outside the grounds. The inmates have released a series of demands, almost all of which call for greater protection of their human rights and an increased quality of life.  Yesterday, inmates detonated 2 homemade grenades inside the prison.  Currently the PNC has not stated when or how it expects to control the rebellion.

Due to this situation, the trial of the 4 people accused of murdering Marcelo Rivera, an anti-mining activist, will most likely be postponed. The trial was scheduled to begin tomorrow, but in light of the instability in the prison system it is unlikely that it will commence as planned.

For more on the prison rebellions, see today’s article in La Prensa Grafica, which includes a timeline of recent events.


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