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Updates on Cabanas Arrests

According to a story posted on, the eight suspects arrested last night are linked to the six homicides in Trinidad, Cabanas, and not the murder of Marcelo Rivera.

The article lists the victims as Horacio Menjívar Sánchez, Esperanza Velasco, Felicita Menjívar, Ramiro Rivera, Dora Recinos, and Dora’s 8-month fetus. It does not list Marcelo Rivera as one of the victims as other articles have.

The article lists the names of the suspects as well – José Alexander Pérez, Nicolás Najarro, Nohemy Menjívar Velasco, Próspero Martínez, José Alberto Rivas, Mabel Escobar, Patricia Ramírez y Perfecto Miranda Alegría. The police have not released any other information related to evidence they had linking these suspects to the crimes.

In discussing the issue, the police stated that this is a very complex and complicated issue. In our investigations into the violence we have found the same.  The relationships between the victims, the perpetrators, Pacific Rim, the local mayors and diputados, and organized crime are very complex and require a very thorough investigation. We hope that these arrests are the beginning, and that the Salvadoran and international community continue their work to ensure justice in each case.

We also call upon the PNC and Fiscalia to continue investigating the death of Marcelo.

We will be posting more on this issue in the coming days.

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