Flooding in the Lower Lempa of Usulután

Its raining again, and the evacuations have begun in the Lower Lempa of Jiquilisco, Usulután.  Unlike the hurricanes and tropical storms that caused flooding in June, the region experienced non-stop rain all day Sunday and Monday, which has saturated the region. SNET reported yesterday that the 15th of September Dam was releasing water up-stream from the Lower Lempa at a rate of 1000 cubuc meters/second.

There is a high probability that the region will experience serious flooding today or tomorrow, and the communities of Nueva Esperanza, El Marillo 1 y 2, La Casona, Las Arañas, El Ángel, Zamorán, Nuevo Amanecer y Ciudad Romero are all on high alert.

Farmers in the region already suffered the loss of one planting of corn to flooding in June, and are struggling to feed their families and livestock. Though food assistance programs have helped some, more flooding will be economically devastating.

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