Cabanas, Environment

Cabañas Anti-Mining Fight Featured on NPR

“The Story” radio program on the American Public Media station has been running a series on water issues around the world all this week.  This morning, their focus was on Cabañas and the environmental fight against mining.  Featuring community member Francisco Pineda, recent winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize, it examines the threat mining poses to the community’s water sources. Pineda began fighting against the mining movement and educating his neighbors when the only source of water to irrigate his land dried up completely because of Pacific Rim Mining Corporation’s exploratory drilling at the nearby El Dorado mine. Much of El Salvador’s water resources are already contaminated, and mining would exasperate the problem, as well as cause other environmental issues.  We’ve written about the anti-mining efforts of civil society in Cabañas for the past few years, and this is great exposure for the issue.  Listen to the podcast online on the American Public Media website!


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