Flood Update – Help Now!

Our local sources in the Lower Lempa are reporting this morning that the communities of Los Lotes and Babilonia are experiencing extreme flooding and rescue teams have been trying to evacuate residents. While some have made it to shelters others remain trapped. The only road into the area is on the levee, which has holes and is too instable to traverse at this point.  A report in the La Prensa Grafica says that members of the Red Cross and Comandos de Salvamento are going to try and evacuate those stranded by boat or helicopter. La Prensa Grafica is reporting that a total of 43 families mainly in La Canoa and El Angel have been evacuated, totaling 124 people.

Over 4000 people have been evacuated from their homes in San Salvador, La Paz, San Vicente, Sonsonate, and Usulután, and the risk of more flooding and landslides remains high.

One of the main concerns remains the Lempa River. According to the SNET, at 6 am this morning the river was still rising in San Marcos Lempa. The latest report was that the September 15 Dam was releasing 5000 cm/sec, beyond what the levees that protect the Lower Lempa can withstand.

Our goal is to Raise $3000 by the close of business today to provide assistance to those affected by the flooding. Please help us by clicking on the donate now button to the right of this post.

We’ll provide more information throughout the day. We are also posting photos and updates on Facebook.

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