Flood Update – Friday 10-14

Our staff in the Lower Lempa this morning reports that there are no real changes since yesterday’s update. The focus continues to be evacuating the Lotes and Babilonia communities.

Yesterday afternoon our staff went to inspect sections of the levees and report that huge sections have been washed away. One reason that Lotes and Bablonia have been so devastated is that there is a 25-meter (82 feet) hole in the levee and part of the Lempa River is being diverted inland. The River is going down some so the volume of water is not as great as it was yesterday, but flooding remains serious.

La Prensa Grafica is reporting this morning that 7 people throughout El Salvador have been killed in landslides and flooding, while 8000 have been evacuated to emergency shelters. The municipality of San Francisco Menéndez, Auachapan, where 6000 people have been evacuated to emergency shelters, is among the hardest hit communities. Yesterday, the Legislative Assembly passed a resolution declaring a state of emergency and public disaster in five of El Salvador’s fourteen provinces: Ahuachapán, Sonsonate, La Libertad, La Paz, and Usulután. This releases government emergency funds to aid in the rescue and recovery. La Prensa Grafica is also reporting that El Salvador’s Ministry of Civil Protection has released $837,559 for the relief effort.

The weather forecast for the weekend is for more rain, which means the threat of flooding and landslides will remain high.

Thanks to all who have contributed in the past couple of days to flood relief!

We have not reached our goal of $3000 and ask those who have not contributed to click on the Donate Now button at the top-right of this page. Many people remain in shelters and need immediate assistance. We are targeting our efforts to communities such as Amando Lopez, where 93 people are in a shelter with very few resources. Thank you!


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