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Video Footage of the Rescue from the Lower Lempa

As we have been reporting, the flooding in the communities of Nueva Esperanza, Ciudad Romero, Zamorano, Nueva Amanecer, and other communities in the Lower Lempa have been extreme. Last night we posted some photos from Zamorano and elsewhere in the region. Last night Channel 12 in El Salvador showed footage from Nueva Esperanza and the dramatic evacuations from Sunday night and Monday. The video begins with footage from Mata de Piña, which was about where main road through the region became to dangerous. Later in the video, there is footage from the rescue yesterday in Nueva Esperanza, after the floodwater had begun to recede.

Those readers who have traveled with us to the region on delegations have been to these places, though you may not recognize them. You may also recognize some of the people being rescued and even some of the people doing the rescuing.

As we mentioned yesterday, Michael Terry and Laura Turiano are matching the next $2000 in donations that we receive for flood relief. If you contribute now, your donations will be doubled. Please click on the Donate Now button above and help us respond this crisis. Though the water is receding, the recovery challenges are daunting, and the communities in the Lower Lempa need your help!

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