Mujeres de la Guerra: Documentary, Book and Photo Exhibit

In late May we posted an article about Mujeres de la Guerra, an upcoming documentary, book, and photography exhibit that tell the stories of “inspiring, dedicated women who participated in the Salvadoran civil war and work for justice and peace today.”

Included in the post was an appeal for the funds needed to complete the project. We received word from Lyn McCracken and Tedde Simon, the women involved in the project, that they achieved their fundraising goal of $12,000.

Here is a note from Tedde:

Our most sincere thanks to all of those who have helped us surpass our goal of $12,000 to make the Mujeres de la Guerra book, documentary and photography exhibits possible.The first edition of the book will be printed in September 2012, and will be in-hand for the November 2012 inauguration of the photography exhibit at the National Museum of Anthropology in San Salvador.  The full-length feature documentary is slated to be released in January 2013. 

The Mujeres de la Guerra book includes striking black-and-white portraits of the 28 women, taken in 2010 and 2011; archival images, including women carrying weapons during the demobilization and women in the refugee camps prior to repatriation; and selected excerpts of their interviews, in which women share their stories of suffering, loss, organization, community organizing, and their dreams for the future.  There will be limited editions of the book for sale later in the fall.

Visit the Mujeres de la Guerra temporary website here to read and view more: excerpts of women’s interviews and some portraits, and staying posted.  Many, many thanks for your support and encouragement, and sharing in the belief that the stories of the Salvadoran women should be heard.

Congratulations to Lyn and Tedde and all of the women who contributed to the project! We’ll post more about the documentary, book and photo exhibit as they become available. This will be a great contribution to understanding and awareness of Salvadoran history and the current struggle for social justice.

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