ACUDESBAL is Celebrating 15 years

This Saturday (November 23rd) our friends at ACUDESBAL (the Inter-communal Association of United Communities for the Economic and Social Development of the Bajo Lempa) are holding their 15th Anniversary celebration in the Bajo Lempa – If you’re in the area you should join in the festivities (see details below).

ACUDESBAL is a local development organization run by and for residents of the Bajo Lempa, helping communities address issues such as economic development, public health, youth leadership, environmental protection, sports and recreation, and more. ACUDESBAL is also a leading advocacy organization with emphasis over the years on completion and maintenance of the levees and drainage systems that are supposed to protect the region from flooding. They have also been strong advocates around the renal failure issue that has already claimed the lives of hundreds of poor farmers in the region. ACUDESBAL also operates its own rescue squad that provides first responder services and is there to help communities during emergencies like the extreme flooding caused by Topical Storm 12-E, which dumped 55 inches of rain on El Salvador in just 10 days.

The 29 communities of the Bajo Lempa founded ACUDESBAL in November 1998 in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, a powerful storm that devastated much of Central America, including the Bajo Lempa. The government failed to provide any aid or assistance so community leaders decided that they had to take things into their own hands – which they have.

We at Voices are honored to say that we have known ACUDESBAL since the beginning, and over the years we have worked together on many issues and projects. We congratulate all the folks at ACUDESBAL on all of their hard work over the years and for being an example for other communities throughout El Salvador.

Members of the ACUDESBAL team circa 2004/5
Members of the ACUDESBAL team circa 2004/5

Event details:

When: 9:00 am, Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where: ACUDESBAL Grounds in El Zamoran, Bajo Lempa, Jiquilisco Usulutan

For more information visit their Facebook Page.

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