November, a month of remembrance

Every November is an especially busy month for community Segundo montes. Every year, the community celebrates their patronage festivals and two distinct anniversaries.

The first is the anniversary of their return from their 9 year exile as refugees in Honduras. The second commemorates the martyrdom of five Jesuit priests. thier housekeeper and her daughter in the Central America university UCA in 1989. More about their MartyrdomJesuitMartyrs

Our partner communities Amando Lopez in the Bajo Lempa and Segundo Montes in northern Morazán, were named after the martyred Jesuit priests of the same name. Father Segundo Montes not only founded the UCA Human Rights Institute but was also a regular visitor and key player in the decision to repatriate the Colomoncagua refugee camp.

This year’s commemoration of the UCA Martyrdom was very special. It included a small gathering and march to the temple where hundreds of community members and visitors spent an evening in song, remembrance and prayer.

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The pastoral team always focuses on honoring martyrs important to the community, and paid special homage to father Pedro d’clercq, a impactful liberation theology priest from Belgium who passed in late august of this year.

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