Delegations: South Bay Sanctuary Covenant

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This year Voices hosted three South Bay Sanctuary Covenant(SBSC) members from Palo Alto, California and one young Salvadoran woman from New York. For Arlene, SBSC’s leader and veteran delegate, it was her 34th time visiting the country while the other two women; Karen and Anne had also a long history of solidarity with the people of El Salvador. Read SBSC ‘s blog!

Gabriela, the young woman working for social justice in New York, was born and raised in El Salvador until the age of 13 when she and her two younger sisters made the arduous journey to be with their mother in the United States. This is the fist time in ten years that she has stepped foot in her home-country. Below she shares her experience.

As usual, the agenda was jam-packed with intriguing interviews, reportbacks from partner communities and groups, cultural activities, visiting old friends, exploring new places. The group spent the first day in meetings in San Salvador, they then spent two days in Community Octavio Ortiz, two days in Northern Morazán and the final three days back in the capital.

For Gabriela, it was a crash course on Salvadoran history and culture. For the others, it was a reminder of why solidarity is needed now more than ever. Every year brings new challenges, surprises and reasons to hope. This year, the communities are focusing on the root causes to social economic problems and working on solutions that heal the body, mind and soul.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about SBSC, El Salvador or would like to join us on a delegation write us at voices@votb.org.
If you are in the Bay Area come to South Bay’s report back in April.

SBSC April 4th.jpg

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