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Fernando Llort, El Salvador’s “National Artist” Has Died

Fernando Llort
Foto: LaPaginaSV

The iconic artist Fernando Llort (7 April 1949 – 10 August 2018)

Before becoming the catalyst of the artisan movement in La Palma, Chalatenango, a small mountain town in northern El Salvador, Fernando Llort studied architecture, art and theology in France, Belgium and the United States.

8268736808_c3a504b761_bThe area of La Palma played a significant role in the ideological development of the revolutionary movement during the civil war. The area is agriculturally developed, and benefits from tourism, yet art is the town’s primary industry, in fact, three-quarters of area residents live from it. Fernando Llort and other young artists are recognized as the founders of art and culture in La Palma.

“Fernando’s art is heavily influenced by the Mayan culture, and has been able to mix modern ideas with a naive style of drawing. He utilises mixed techniques and materials, from paintings to wood, ceramic, and seven glass.” –

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