Public Health

Number of Cases of Dengue Fever Increase in El Salvador

So far this year, El Salvador has reported 2,431 confirmed cases of dengue fever, which constitutes a significant increase from last year’s 927 cases. This increase has brought to mind the dengue epidemics of 2006 and 2007 when there were 6,181 and 6,131 confirmed cases respectively. Out of fear of another epidemic the Ministry of Health has urged doctors to act proactively and detect cases of dengue fever early.

The Ministry of Health estimates that 4% of the country’s population has contracted dengue fever, with the majority cases being concentrated in San Salvador and Sonsonate. The Ministry also cemeteries, churches and kindergartens are the places where infections are most likely to occur.

Though the numbers are far less than in previous years, the Ministry of Health has stressed the importance of following certain procedures such as prescribing appropriate medicine and registering cases. The registry of cases is especially important because it will allow the government identify geographic zones in which dengue is a problem and eradicate it.

Additionally, 3 people have died of hemorrhagic dengue fever, up from 0 in 2008.