Elections 2009

No Words to Describe…

rigoberto-menchuRigoberto Menchu Tum in El Salvador as an Election Observer (middle)

funes-self-proclamationFunes announces himself as President Elect from the Sheraton Hotel at 9:15 pm

voces-radissonVoices volunteers following the action

dsc_0058The TSE magistrates ‘in so many words’ accept Funes’s victory about 5 minutes after his speech

victory-crowdHalf of Paseo Escalon fills and celebrates.  Incredible.

stage-y-crowdThe multitudes rock out to trova all night long.

Elections 2009

Amy Goodman’s Coverage of the Elections

On Friday, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now provided a great summary of the Salvadoran elections. Click here for the video.

On March 11th, Amy Goodman interviewed Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) on his efforts to ensure that the Obama Administration remain neutral in the Salvadoran elections. Click here for the video.

Elections 2009

Polls opening to Rain

The first report we’re getting out of El Salvador this morning is that its raining! If you are at all familiar with weather patterns in El Salvador you know that we are in the middle of the DRY season, and not expecting rain for another two months or so.

Rain in March is rare but seems to be happening with greater frequency in recent years. Many Salvadorans believe that March rains are the result of global warming.  Some who are more superstitious may be reading a little more into today’s rain and taking it as an ominous sign that their candidate and party are doomed at the polls. We’re not experts on global warming, nor are we superstitious, so we’ll not read to much into it.lluviaii

The front page of the Newspapers today report that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE, the entity responsible for organizing and executing the elections) is ready.  Election officials expect the highest voter turn out in the nation’s history. Experts expect an estimated 67-70% of the  4.3 million registered voters will to turnout to the polls and vote today. No one is expecting the rain to keep people at home.

We’ll be posting updates throughout the day and into the evening.  As I make this post, the first votes in El Salvador’s 2009 Presidential Elections have been cast.  Stay tuned!