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7th Campesino Achievement Fair

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The communities of the Lower Lempa held their 7th bi-annual Feria de Logros Campesinos this past Saturday, the 23rd of May.  The fairs are held each May and September to strengthen local markets, promote ecological agriculture and awareness, and celebrate the communities’ culture.

The fair drew a turn-out of around 1,000 people.  They were received by community members selling items such as pupusas, vegetables, fruit, organic rice, sweets, cheese and cream, all produced by collectives and individuals from the Lower Lempa.

Artistic groups from the communities also performed through-out the day.  Music groups performed different genres ranging from Ranchero to Andean to Heavy Metal.  The youth theater group performed several pieces addressing social topics such as the cost of living and the limited access to some communities due to poor infrastructure.  A new youth break-dancing group also debuted to the excitement of many on-lookers. In the afternoon the crowd stayed on to watch the inter-communal soccer tournament.

The next fair will be held after the corn harvest in August or September.