Attempted Assassination of Episcopal Bishop, Martín Barahona In El Salvador

On March 17, in Santa Tecla, an unidentified man fired at Episcopal Bishop, Martín Barahona and his two companions. Bishop Barahona was not injured, though his driver, Francis Martínez, was hospitalized after being hit in the stomach and arm.

Authorities are still unclear as to whether the assassination attempt was targeted specifically at Bishop Barahona, or if it was a result of random violence. Witnesses suggest that there were police officers located within meters of the shooter and the victims.

Barahona has been the bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador since 1992 and is the Primate of the Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America (IARCA). Episcopal groups around the world have expressed their continued support and concern for Bishop Barahona and this assassination attempt has further galvanized the global religious community against violence in El Salvador.  It is especially interesting to note that this attempt coincides with demonstrations within El Salvador and around the world commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s assassination.


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