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More threats following the Ramiro’s Assassination

Our friends in Cabanas received more death threats yesterday from an unidentified individual or group claiming responsibility for the murders of Marcelo Rivera and Ramiro Rivera. The email read, as translated:

“we sent 2 into the hole, now the question is, who will be the third, maybe Father Luis or one from the radio, not a bad idea to continue with one of those big mouths at radio victoria, we are not playing around we demonstrated that we have the logistic capacity and financing to deal with whoever, it doesn’t matter if you have a battalion of police taking care of you like dogs, we will do it when we like, the deaths will continue and no one can stop the vengeance that’s begun, we prefer that the 3rd be someone at the “pinche” radio, we are not playing around, this is the new wave of warnings after taking care of Ramiro”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Ramiro, and all of those in the region who are currently being threatened.

These senseless murders and ongoing threats are more than a tragedy in Cabanas – a rural, sparsely populated region of El Salvador.  They are an attack on democracy, civic participation, and civil society everywhere. Marcelo and Ramiro were civic leaders who worked tirelessly to defend their local environment and promote social justice.  If the Salvadoran government fails to bring their murders to justice, and allows the threats to continue with impunity, democracy and civil society in El Salvador will be set back 20-30 years.

Please join us in demanding that the Salvadoran government conduct a thorough investigation of the murders of Marcelo and Ramiro.  Click here to send an email to the Salvadoran Attorney General and the Ombudsman for Human Rights.

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