Elections 2009

Mob, I mean, Electoral Violence 2009

There were at least three violent confrontations between political militants yesterday; the last day of legal campaigning for the March 15th elections.

In San Fransisco Gotera, Morazan ARENA members stoned and wounded five FMLN activists, before the ARENA van was driven into a telephone pole in a hasty escape attempt.  A FMLN truck later assisted in removing the vehicle from the road.

Around noon, 17 ARENA militants confronted a FMLN rally on Blvd. Constitution in San Salvador.  According to Voices’s interviews with witnesses, an ARENA van approached the crowd and shot a gun into the air.  The FMLN participants then chased the vehicle and ARENA supporters down a nearby street.  Five ARENA members and two FMLN participants were wounded in the resulting stone and stick violence.  La Prensa Grafica reported the FMLN militants shot the ARENA van at the end of the confrontation, but the police officers on the scene interviewed by Voices claimed the gun shots occurred well before they could arrive (half-way through the disturbances).  dsc_0382

At 9:30 pm in San Jacinto, just outside of San Salvador, two FMLN members were struck and wounded with sticks by several people driving by in an ARENA vehicle.

1 thought on “Mob, I mean, Electoral Violence 2009”

  1. For someone living in El Salvador, with no access to TV, but access to internet, does anyone know of a web site that will be covering the elections live?

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